Campaign End (NHL Euro TV)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After much deliberation the decision has been taken to close down the “No NHL on TV in Europe for 2001-2012 Season” Facebook page.

Obviously the name is now defunct and that was a factor. Personally though I’ve gotten a little sick and tired of the constant negativity from a few folks and the snipes/abuse aimed at me in particular.

You may not have agreed with my personal opinion on certain matters, but I have always tried to do my best at gaining information and fighting Europe’s corner in this campaign. I have spent countless hours researching, emailing and making phone calls to try to get some answers. Even incurring the expense of calling the NHL’s Commissioner, Gary Bettman,  in America on two occasions.

I have never wanted to be reimbursed for my time or expense, nor thanked for my efforts. I only want what you want and that is the best coverage possible for the sport we love.

So the Facebook page will be closed in around 13-14 days as will the twitter accounts that were attached to it.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jonathan Northall and Dave Lidbury, who were the unseen part of the campaign in the first few months. Your support and advice was great guys.

The one great thing to come out of this was meeting so many NHL fans across Europe and getting to chat with you guys, no matter what your team.

Thanks to those who always had my back and joined in the campaign. Let’s hope we never have to go through another summer like last year with so much uncertainty.

Not long until October now!



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