Lockout Survival-Euro style

So it’s official, the owners of the NHL have decided to lockout the players. I refuse to talk about the intricacies of this because it’s been done by all and sundry on the internet.  Also I’m so sick to death of this 3rd lockout that I cannot even be bothered to voice my opinion.

I am fed up with the constant doom and gloom. Hockey is bigger than the NHL, regardless of what Bettman, Owners, Players or Agents say.

In Europe we have pretty much a league in every country. For those that don’t already, find your local team and go and watch them. Just give it a try, what do you have to lose? I know it’s not the NHL but if your a true hockey fan you should appreciate the game at every level.

For those of you that still want North American hockey you can follow the AHL through http://theahl.com/ and there are broadcast packages available as well as internet radio stations who cover games.

Being a fan of the Ontario Hockey League and the Ontario Junior Hockey League, I know you can now watch some of  these games online.  Again some radio coverage is available if you search for it.

European hockey is really on the up and no doubt will be even stronger this season with the amount of overseas signings and some NHL players joining the fray now. The KHL will be one of the beneficiaries of this and games are available to view at http://www.laola1.tv/,  http://livetv.ru/en/?from_ru, as well as their official YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/KHLofficialvideo

Some Austrian games are also shown http://www.laola1.tv/.

Servus TV show DEL and EBEL games and their link is here. http://www.servustv.com/cs/Satellite/Home-ServusTV.at/001259088496182

Today (Sunday) they will be broadcasting the second of two games that KHL Medvescak Zagreb are playing at the Roman Colosseum in Pula. An historic hockey event which I’ve written about here http://wp.me/p2gDti-3o

My point is that there is hockey everywhere if you look hard enough or ask around on forums or on twitter. I’ve far from mentioned every way to view games here so If you know any other ways to watch leagues on all formats please post as a comment to share with other fans.


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