A better choice

Upon going back to the gym regularly for the last few months I’ve noticed a trend in the different age ranges of those attending. In the summer months especially when the school holidays were in force, my local gym had a lot of children using their facilities. Not the weights per se but most of the cardiovascular equipment.

The gym apparently runs a scheme where if a responsible adult is a member then they can bring in with them their children/grandchildren of a certain age. No idea if this applies to all gymnasiums in the UK but I think this is a wonderful scheme, especially in an Olympic year.

Two weeks ago upon going to the gym at an irregular time for me I was confronted by a horde of kids in what appeared to be an after schools club. I can only surmise from what I saw that they were taking part in a 1km challenge where they had to complete distances on different machines in as fast a time as possible.

All the kids seemed to be having a great time, spurring each other on in the process. After finishing my workout on the bike, I sat  down on the rowing machine next to a very talkative young lady! She proceeded to ask me how far I was going to row and then to tell me what she was doing and how much she was enjoying herself. One thing stuck with me though.

She said she loved watching the Olympic swimming and wanted to be an Olympian herself. Becky Adlington was one of her heroes and she adored Ellie Simmonds.

What better role models for a 10-year-old in this day and age. Forget your overpaid cheating footballer with no morals and the fake young lady celebrities with even faker  boobs, who fill the glossy magazines with their sordid tales.

I hope that young lady is not alone in choosing a better kind of role model.


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