No GB miracle but a work in process

There was no fairytale ending for Team GB as they were soundly beaten 6-0 by Kazakhstan in their last game of the Olympic Qualifying tournament.

It all went wrong just 30 seconds in as a turnover at the blue line allowed Starchenko to net his 3rd goal of the tournament.
Just a minute and 40 seconds later Romanov made it 2-0. Despite taking yet more penalties, GB escaped the first period at 2-0.
The game was over a contest not long into the second period as Kazakhstan netted three times in just 4 minutes 34 seconds. A short handed goal at the end of the period just rubbed salt into the wound for GB. The 3rd was a little more even affair and although GB weren’t able to break the shutout, Ben Bowns also kept a clean sheet for 20 minutes.
Despite being shelled throughout the game Ben made 36 saves, a fantastic first senior outing for the 22yr old.

So what now for Team GB ice hockey?
Next up is the World Championships Division 1 Group A in Hungary.
This starts on the 14th April, just a few days after the end of the British Elite League finals weekend.
GB will face hosts Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea and Kazakhstan.

The two Olympic qualifying groups can surely only benefit this group of players going forward into this tournament.
Granted they have much to learn but this team is full of young promising players. Six of the current roster were born in the 1990’s.

The exposure the team has received will hopefully encourage those involved to support Team GB as best as possible in the future and also convince committees holding the purse strings to loosen them a little.



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