Josh Cook interview

Josh Cook is an 18 year old forward who has spent his playing career thus far in Western Canada. He was recently called up to play for Team GB in the Cherepanov Cup as he has dual Canadian/British nationality.
I spoke with Josh about that call-up and his hockey aspirations.

Born in Canada, but owning dual nationality, how surprised were you when Team GB asked if you would be interested in playing for them?

It was something I had always had in the back of my mind but didn’t know what the chances were. When I was invited to camp it was such an exciting opportunity!

You represented GB for the first team during the Cherepanov Cup in Lithuania, scoring the shootout winner in the first game and named “player of the game” in the second. Is it fair to say you thoroughly enjoyed your first taste of international hockey?

Honestly Mark it was the best experience I have ever had in hockey. The feeling of wearing the lion on the front of the jersey is indescribable. And to be named assistant captain was an absolute honour and scoring for Great Britain just is a feeling I will never forget and will hopefully experience a lot more in my career.

How easy was it to gel with new team mates who were essentially strangers to you?

The boys and I gelled really well at the two tryout camps they all took to me really well and we got along like brothers. Going into the tournament we all came together and clicked and I have to say the team just got along so well. There were no ‘cancers’, everyone just worked together and got along superbly.

Did the guys come up with a nickname for you or have you had a solid one for a while now?

I’ve had the nickname “CookerSpins” for quite some time now, but the classic “Cookie” was the one used most the past week.

All your junior hockey has been played in Western Canada. How have you felt your game has progressed thus far?

Its awesome, every time you step on the ice my goal is to better myself and its great to have the opportunity to do that.

You’ll be playing in a different province this upcoming season after signing for the Winkler Flyers of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. How did this move come about?

I found out I had been traded up there whilst in England. I actually found out over twitter if you can believe that. I am extremely excited to play for Winkler and do everything I can to help them win a championship.

Camp for the Winkler Flyers will have started upon your return to Canada which we wish you all the best for. What, if any, expectations do you have for the season?

My expectations for the upcoming season are that myself and the team must do everything we possibly can to win our league and to better ourselves as individuals and hockey players.

For those who haven’t seen you in action, what type of game do you like to play and which do you consider are your best on ice assets?

My motto is “Don’t expect anything unless you have given everything, No Regrets” and this comes directly from my off and on ice training. I do everything I possibly can to be the best I can be so that would be my first asset is that I never give up and I give everything I have regardless of the score on the scoreboard. I would call myself a playmaker, my main game is speed and reading the ice/setting up plays but I can also bury the puck!

Do you model your game on any particular past or present player?

Alexander Burrows never quit attitude and playmaking/scoring ability and Pavel Bure’s speed.

Born in Kelowna are you a Vancouver fan or is your allegiance elsewhere?

Yes I am a Vancouver fan but I am very disappointed in how a majority of the fans treat their city and players e.g. riots after losing the Stanley Cup final.

Who is you current favourite player in the NHL?

Alexander Burrows

Upon contacting you to do this interview I noticed on your twitter feed that you had been asked to show identification upon trying to purchase protein powder in the UK! How have you enjoyed your time in the UK and have you any other funny stories?

haha yes that was an experience!
Yes there were some funny stories, for example when I asked someone where the washroom is they looked at me as if I was from another planet. (Don’t worry Josh you’re not on your own with that one)
Also I did a lot of Parachute sprint training at my local field and had some very concerned looks from locals as to what I was doing!
I absolutely loved every minute of the experience and cant wait for the World Championships in December.

Many thanks to Josh for his time and I wish him all the best for his new club team and for the World Championships in December. 
If hard work and determination are anything to go by then this young man will not let his talent go to waste. He shared the below video of his off-season workout and kindly allowed me to post it with this interview.
You can follow Josh on Twitter here @CookerSpins

Josh Training Video





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