Sam Duggan Interview

After the Kazakhstan game I was able to catch a quick word with the youngest player on GB’s roster, Sam Duggan.

Sam is just 15 and playing in his first international tournament for GB.

Playing on the “young gun” line with Ivan Antonov and Ollie Betteridge, none of them have looked out of place and acquitted themselves well.

So were you surprised to be called up for the U20 team?

Yes, it was a big, big surprise actually. I remember I was at school, received the call and I couldn’t really believe it. It was something I wasn’t expecting, so it was very nice to receive the call.

Was the call-up out of the blue or had the GB management been in touch beforehand?

Id been training with the team as a prospect player for quite a few months in previous camps and I’ve been in the set up since I was quite young, so I’m quite familiar with how things work.
I did what I could at the camps, I got the news I wanted to hear and now I’m here.

How have you found the first two games of the tournament?

Its good hockey. We’re playing top teams, your learning every game as a young player and trying to get better.

Is playing on the same line with Ivan Antonov, your team mate at Bracknell, a help?


Yes, we play on the same line at Bracknell every week, so I know him pretty well. Obviously it’s a bit of a different level of hockey to what were used it. We have that chemistry together and as he’s my room mate we’re always talking and that helps on the ice.

If you could define yourself as an offensive player, would you say you’re more of a goalscorer or a playmaker?

I like to score goals but I also enjoy making plays around the net. Hopefully make myself into a better all round better player.




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