Rattie has NHL in range

The lamp is being lighted in Chicago by the St. Louis Blues 2011 second round pick.

Otherwise know as Ty Rattie, the young man from Alberta currently leads the AHL in goal scoring with ten to his name through 15 games as I write. After a very 2013/14 as a rookie, there has been no sophomore starts to this season.

Can play both wings but proximately on the right side with Dmitrij Jaskin and Pat Cannone as linemates, his hat-trick in the last outing against Rochester sent him to the top of the scoring chart.

He’s always been a shoot first guy, even through junior, and his 31 goals last season were the best total by a rookie. To use a predominately football term, the kid possesses a nose for the net. When you consider that 25 of those markers were at even strength and that 34 of his 48 points were also at 5v5, he’s a player to be feared every time he hit’s the ice.


Not especially quick but is adept at keeping hold of the puck under pressure and finds the space on the ice that enables him to score goals with regularity. The hockey world is his oyster if he can strengthen up and improve his skating ability, two things you can most definitely work on as a young professional. If he works as hard off the ice as he does on, then there’s no doubting he will improve.

In the small amount of times I’ve had the pleasure watching him play, I can make a case for him being NHL ready but there simply isn’t a spot open for him with the Blues right now. The Chicago Wolves must be delighted however as they sit fourth in the Western Conference, just two points back of the overall lead and striving for their first championship since 2008.

Being a “shoot first” guy, Rattie only has two assists to his name, but his overall game should not be overlooked as he does possess some playmaking abilities as well as a defensive side to his game.

I’m a huge fan of this kid and the way he plays. The sooner we see him in the NHL, the better.

Until then, the AHL had better watch out.



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