Connor Brown: Down but not out

The one black mark on what has been a good beginning to the Toronto Marlies 2015/16 season, is the injury to Connor Brown.

In the style typical of his “lay everything on the line” play, Brown managed to fracture his ankle whilst blocking a shot in a game the Marlies would end up winning comfortably in the end.
An out-indefinitely status is a blow to a young man who was looking to build on an incredible rookie season and although he was yet to put home his first of the year, his play suggested that a ton of offense was only just around the corner for the leading rookie scorer from last season.
A set-back to his development for sure but the team will also miss him and not just on the ice.
Brown is the consummate hard worker, doing everything it takes to improve himself and sets a perfect example for each and every one of his team mates.

AHL: APR 03 Toronto Marlies at Lake Erie Monsters

Let’s not be too downhearted though, as I don’t believe it’s all doom and gloom for Connor.
There’s a never a good time to get an injury like this but it’s still early in the season and there’s plenty of time to recover. Bone breaks, especially fractures, are notoriously difficult to predict as regards a recovery timeframe but approximately six weeks to heal, depending on treatment and then rehab means it’s not inconceivable that Brown could be back sometime in January. At just 21 years old and with Toronto’s medical team and spending power in getting him the best care, he has everything going for him.
If determination, sheer will and hard work have anything to do with this recovery, then Brown is already ahead of the game.
As the man said himself, during 20 questions last season, “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”
Here’s to a speedy recovery for Connor.


One thought on “Connor Brown: Down but not out

  1. To your point, I firmly believe his biggest disappointment in this is not being able to help the team. For guys like Brown, personal achievements and accolades are nice, but the success of the whole team is what matters most.

    Although he may not be on the ice for a while, we will continue to cheer him on and look forward excitedly to his return.

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